Sustainable, High Quality Eyewear


Our goal at Soul California Eyewear is to create high quality, unique and sustainable eye-wear using eco-friendly materials while making a positive difference. Soul California was inspired by the essence of the Californian lifestyle in San Diego and Huntington beach. When we think about California in this way, we're referring to the southern beach communities radiating up and down the coast from Los Angeles to San Diego and the carefree relaxed vibe that is exuberated.

Our Story

The need for a sustainable product range was influenced by travels around the globe. After multiple surf trips around the world (and to Bali) it was vital we created an eco-friendly product. There is nothing worse than paddling out in the ocean and feeling plastic as you paddle through the water. Many of our designs are named after and inspired by our favorite travel locations. This includes locations in California and around the world. Pictured is us swimming with Galapagos Sharks in Oahu, Hawaii. As the brand grows and evolves we're looking to get more involved in Ocean Conservation projects. We practice what we preach.


As part of our conservation efforts we donate 10% of our net profits back to ocean conversation and marine life. We currently donate to the Surfrider Foundation and Oceana. Oceans are hugely important to all our lives, generating over half the oxygen we breath and vastly reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If everyone makes small conscious changes the results will be significant! Soul California is a small independently owned business. We are focused on sustainable, high quality, environmentally conscious eye-wear.
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